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Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common questions about Speakjoy and our services. Have a question not here? Please don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting us. Click here to visit our contact page or click here to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. 

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Currently, we are only providing services through teletherapy and in the home or location of your choosing. This is due to the flexibility it provides for parents and the benefits we’ve seen working within the child’s comfortable environment.

If permitted, our clinicians are able to render services in daycares, schools, and afterschool programs. If you feel like teletherapy might not work for your loved one, and you cannot have services provided in your home, we might be able to accommodate using community resources.

Awesome! Group sessions are planned on a weekly basis and will include an activity to be completed during the session. The goals tend to be more generalized in order to accommodate all participants.

Typically, we will have anywhere from 3-8 participants depending on the age range, setting, and theme of the group. For example, social-communication group sessions for participants ages 13-17 tend to be successful with 8 participants because it makes the sessions fun and lively. A group with a focus on language development for preschoolers will typically not have any more than 4 children in the group to keep the sessions productive.

Group therapy dates and times will be posted on our online scheduling system and sign ups are typically allowed until 24 hours before the session.

At this time, availability is on a week-to-week basis since we want to plan the most productive and applicable session for all the participants involved. *Group sessions are not guaranteed to be available every week.

Sure. We have the following guidelines when bringing in an evaluation from a different clinic:

1. The evaluation/assessment has to have been signed, administered and approved by a speech language pathologist within the last 2 months.

2. Is comprehensive, accurate and matches our agency’s clinical standards when writing and performing full assessments.

3. Provides goals that are relevant and still applicable to the individual.

Play-based therapy is a form of therapy that uses play and interactive activities to facilitate learning and skill development in children. It is a natural and enjoyable way for children to learn and practice new skills, including language skills. One of our core values at SpeakJoy is that developing communication skills through therapy should be fun and interesting for anyone.

If you’ve tried traditional speech therapy involving worksheets, flashcards and clinician led activities and it has been a grueling process instead of an opportunity for your child to grow, maybe play based therapy can work for them. We use a variety of toys, familiar and unfamiliar to the child, in order to curate opportunities for them to develop their speech/language skills.

Yes! We offer screenings during your FREE 15 minute consultation for all our services offered. It’s important to know that a screening is NOT the same as an evaluation and will only give us an idea if your child would benefit from a full assessment. A full assessment consists of data collection, observations, referrals, and standardized tests used to develop goals. Without it, we cannot begin services.

Depends. For private pay therapy clients, you do NOT need a referral from a doctor. For insurance covered services, you do need it in order to receive authorization.

Yes. We offer teletherapy services for all of Ohio and Florida. All of our clinicians are currently located in the Northeast Ohio area, so at-home services are only offered around the Greater Cleveland area at the moment.

The average length of our one-on-one services is 1 hour long.

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